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Bird Nesting Materials Alpaca Fiber - Pre Filled Suet Cage


Our alpaca fiber is perfect for nesting birds! They love to use it for lining their nests.

This listing is for our pre-filled suet cage already stuffed with alpaca fiber. These are made with a copper roof that will patina nicely over time.

Be sure to check out this video a customer posted on our Facebook page of her birds enjoying our alpaca fiber!

The pre-filled suet cages are $20. These are shown in the 1st & 2nd photos. Please note that the fiber colors may differ than shown as we use a variety of beautiful colors from our herd. The suet cage is ~ 6" high, 6.5" wide, and 2.25" deep including the copper top (but excluding the wire hanger).

Or you can use our quart-size refill kits to fill your own suet cage or put in a grapevine ball.

Refill kits (3rd and 4th photos) are $8 each. There is no additional shipping charge when one of these is purchased with our pre-filled suet cages. Simply select "PLUS Refill Kit" from the drop down menu to receive 1 pre-filled suet cage AND 1 refill kit. Additional refill kits can be purchased separately by following this link.

Great gift for bird watchers too - simply hang near your bird feeder.

When you are done with the fiber, the suet cage can be used for suet - great dual purpose!

Our pre-filled suet cages contain unwashed alpaca fiber. This ensures that there is no soap residue that could potentially be harmful to birds or other wildlife. Although the fiber is tumbled, small dirt particles or little pieces of hay may exist. These special finds simply add to the charm. :-)

Since alpaca fiber does not contain any lanolin (as found in sheep's wool), it is naturally soft (without washing) and ready for birds to use.

Each holder contains a variety of colors based on the alpacas we have in our herd. As a result, each one is unique!


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