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Alpaca Insoles for boots slippers warm feet felted alpaca fiber


Want to know what the boots and slippers in our house all have in common? They are lined with our alpaca insoles and boy are our feet happy!

Our alpaca insoles are like radiant heat for your feet. Perfect for all your favorite boots (think rain boots, hiking boots, snow boots, garden clogs, and more!). Also great in slippers. In fact, they are SUPER great in slippers! Your feet will be toasty warm!

Our alpaca insoles are also surprisingly "cool" in the summer making them perfect for clogs as well.

We have two options available:

Option 1: Our "true fit" version has been designed to fit a standard width. This is our most popular style.

Option2: Our "wide wrap" version. This is the insole pictured -it has recently been discontinued.

Sizing Guidelines. Our insoles are easily trimmed for a perfect fit!
X-Small: Women's <6 or Kids
Small: Women's 6-7.5
Medium: Women's 8-10 or Men's 8-9
Large: Men's 9.5 - 11 or Women's >10
X-Large Men's 11.5-14

Special Note:
Don’t assume that the insoles are too big. Try them in your boots/slippers before you cut them. If there is room for the insoles to wrap up the sides a little bit, this will add additional warmth and cushioning. After you’ve given this a try, if you find they are too big, simply remove the insole and trim to fit with scissors.

These insoles are designed to compress with wear to form a perfect fit!

Our insoles pair well with our Alpaca Socks for even more warmth and extra cushion. Be sure to check them out!

Thanks for looking!